Introduction to Jack Kavanagh

In August 2012, Jack Kavanagh dived into an oncoming wave. In that moment his life changed – he broke his neck. He is now paralysed from the chest down with only limited movement in his arms and wrists.

Our fundraising campaign has been running from April 2013 to date. A huge thank you to all our supporters who have been so generous in so many ways - you have made a big difference.

Check out Jack's recent TEDX talk.


 Jack had just finished first year pharmacy, was a qualified lifeguard and windsurfing instructor (and fanatic), and had a future full of promise ahead of him. Now his life journey will be very different to what he originally envisaged, but he is determined to overcome the challenges and have as full and normal a life as possible.

Just one year after his accident Jack started back at college. Trinity College are being very supportive in facilitating his completion of his pharmacy degree over an extended period. There are significant issues surrounding this, not least of which is the need for appropriate accommodation, 24 hour care and an assistant to help him with his lab work. Despite this Jack is happy to be taking on the challenge. You can keep up to date with Jack's progress and read his posts here

Jack has consistently achieved beyond the expectations of his medical team, and his diagnosis was actually amended due to the strides he made.

To continue to make progress and not let this catastrophic accident be the end of his plans he will need significant funds to cover;

  • Carer assistance
  • Intensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy support
  • Specialist equipment and communications technology
  • Specialised transport
  • An assistant to help him return to college, attend lectures and complete assignments

In time he hopes also to gain access to some innovative treatments and procedures which could further enhance his mobility

Please reward his determination and ambition by making a contribution, large or small.

Download information leaflet here.